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Solidarity Groups

Solidarity group loan is the core loan product of Futuro mcb SA. With the aim of improving financial inclusion services to the targeted rural and urban micro-entrepreneurs, predominantly women involved in small businesses. To secure loan from the bank, the clients form a joint and several liability group, uses the loan to generate income thus contribute to family's economic growth.

bank offer
· Support with the preparation of our client's business plan;
· Financial and credit education for business growth of each group member;

· Ease access to credit and flexibility in operation;
· Personalized service;

· Have an active business for more than 6 months, 
· Being part of a group and receiving financial training from Futuro mcb SA,  
· Minimum age 21 years.

· Minimum: 4,000 Mt
· Maximum: 30,000 Mt

· Joint and several contractual guarantees
· Solidarity guarantee fund deposit

· 4 to 12 months

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